Wide vistas and Wild Rosemary bushes surround this sweet lakeside cottage for up to 8 persons.



Cottage Valonranta details

You enter the cottage through a small hall. First on the left you have an inside dry toilet and the next door on the left leads to an open plan kitchen/dining room with two beds. Two mattresses are placed on the floor of its compact mezzanine. Further left there is a small porch. To the right of the hall you enter a bigger living room with a beautiful double bed with curtains to draw around it though it is such pleasure to look at the water of the lake Havulampi and maybe see the sun rising behind it while still lying on the bed. From there stairs take you to a bigger mezzanine with two mattresses. Then next to the room there is a glass verandah.

The cottage is deliberately left without some conveniences and you can still feel the old time charm of living as one with nature. The fridge, lights and loading of mobile phones and laptops is done with solar power and gas gives power for cooking and heating. Good drinking water is brought in canisters to the cottage. There is a water container from which cold water runs to the sink. On the hill in Niittytarhantie there is a water tap to refill the canisters. You find four electric socket outlets there, too.

The sauna is near the lake with two stoves, a traditional smoke stove which takes several hours to heat up and a regular sauna stove. There is also a quaint changing / sitting room in the sauna. An outdoor dry toilet is further away.

A garden swing seat, table, benches and barbecue are on the grounds.

Pets are allowed, but smoking is not.

Cottage Valonranta
Cottage Valonranta waterfront

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