Lamminkangas is surrounded by the beautiful open countryside of Central Finland with its forests, lakes and hills. There is a wide range of greenery in this locality, as well as many tree and bird species. Hares, deer, elk, badgers, lynx and even bears live in the region.

Vast panoramas can be admired from the top of the Lamminkangas hills in the hours of daylight (in June and July this continues almost throughout the night). In the hours of darkness the stars and milky way can be seen very clearly.

The nature loving spirit of Lamminkangas is indicated by, e.g. by organic farming techniques and ecological building materials such as wood, linen, turf, sawdust and clay. Lamminkangas has a water generated electricity contract and is a member of ECEAT Finland (European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism) .

Recycling is utilized in local construction work. Complete log cabins have been moved to new locations and converted to new uses. Antique interiors, furniture and household items have been favoured. This has been done to protect the environment and also for the comfort of everyone staying in Lamminkangas.

A walk around Lamminkangas is a superb way to get acquainted with the surroundings.

Attractions in Saarijärvi region visit www.visitsaarijarvi.fi


-near Lamminkangas-

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Village house of Nahjus and disc golf course, 5 km

Julmat Lammit

Nature trail, distance 13 km

Ahvenlampi Camping

Camping site and cafe, distance 13 km

Activity park Veijari

Distance 16 km

Saarijärvi city

Distance 22 km


Ski tracks and slopes, distance 25 km

The Stone Age Village

Distance 28 km


Distance 22 km

Karstula Arena

Distance 22 km

Vanhat Vehkeet

Bowling, museum, theater. Distance 24 km


Distance 31 km

Nuorisokeskus Piispala

Spa, bowling alley, ice arena, ski tracs, tourist center etc., distance 39 km


Nature trails to vantage point. Distance 43 km

Paletti shopping center

Distance 42 km

Ähtäri Zoo

Distance 73 km

Petäjävesi Old Church

Distance 80 km

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